Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Delicious Lunch @ Plintenburg Restaurant (Budapest Day 3)

After a breathtaking view of the Danube River from the mountains Bolly's dad Laszlo took us for lunch at Plintenburg Restaurant which was situated right by the Danube River Bank to sample their local river fish Pike-preach.

Restaurant Plintenburg

While waiting for our food I couldn't help notice this cute little jar called "Eros Pista" that was on every table. Laszlo told me it was spicy paprika and asked me to try it with the bread. My weak tongue was on fire after my first bite. I never thought spicy paprika would taste like sambal oelek! If I did I would not have spread such a big amount on my bread.

Hot Paprika

Anyways, after downing a couple of glasses of water our food finally arrived...

Halaszle Bogracsban, Matula Bacsi Modra (Uncle Matula's Fish Soup)
Halaszle Bogracsban, Matula Bacsi Modra
This was my dish and I absolutely love it. The paprika based soup had a nice smoky flavor that went well with the pike. The Pike in my soup had a texture and was high in fat just like Salmon.

Mandulas Foglas Vajban Sutve (Pike-preached with almond fried in butter)
Mandulas Foglas Vajban Sutve
This was Bolly's dish and he did not quite like it. I had a bite of it and thought the fish was perfectly cooked since it was moist in the inside and the almond crust wasn't burnt. However, I did agree with Bolly that the almond probably did not go well with the fish and that they should have made some sauce to go with it.

Foglas File tejszines-gombas rakmartassal (Pike-preach with creamy mushroom crayfish sauce)
Foglas File tejszines-gombas rakmartassal
This was Phin's dish. The crayfish actually looked more like shrimps to me. The sauce was very rich and creamy but was quite mild.

Visegradi Harcsapaprikas (Catfish in Paprika Sauce in Visegrad)
Visegradi Harcsapaprikas
This was Laszlo's dish. The sauce was actually similar to the pork stew I had at Corvinus Pizzeria in Sopron. Surprisingly it went well with the fish despite it being so strong. The dish was also served with Hungarian flat noodles which Phin had at Corvinus.

In addition to our main courses we also ordered some Hungarian Desserts to try...

Gundel Palascinta (Gundel Pancakes)
Gundel Palascinta
A famous Hungarian Pancake. They were pretty good especially the filling which consisted of ground walnuts, raisins and cinnamon.

Plintenburg Palascinta (Plintenburg Pancakes)
Plintenburg Palascinta
This was the restaurant's own pancake. It tasted similar to Gundel Pancakes except that it was drowned in bottled chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Somloi Galuska
Somloi Galuska
This is a typical and very rich Hungarian Dessert. It consist of three dumplings that were flavored with Vanilla pastry cream, raisins, walnuts and garnished with whip cream and chocolate rum. The dessert is so rich and heavy but it was really really good!

Our lunch was really heavy but it was very satisfying. Plintenburg was yet another restaurant that we picked randomly and yet the food was excellent. Tonight however Laszlo promised us a dinner that serves up top notch Hungarian food! I can't wait...

Contact Information:
Address: Somewhere in Visegrad I think
Tel: N/A

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