Sunday, September 20, 2009

Food @ IAA Frankfurt, Germany (Frankfurt Day 1-2)

I spent two days at the Frankfurt International Car Show (IAA) looking at new car launches and meeting with some colleagues. The show was really big and took two days to finish.

There wasn't only cars but also a wide variety of food stalls throughout the convention center offering a wide variety of food. Throughout those two days my colleagues and I sampled a variety of food.

Flammkuchen (Tarte Flambe)
This is similar to Pizza but in my view a lot better. My colleague ordered the original version which was simply just bacon bits, onions and creme fraiche. While I ordered the Salmon version which had salmon, onions, creme fraiche and cheese.

Original Flammkuchen
Salmon Flammkuchen

Both were really good and had a super crispy crust that was very light. I liked the use of creme fraiche which complemented both the bacon bits and salmon.


Spiesbraten on Kaiser Brochten
This is basically a sandwich of braised pork shoulder with onions and paprika on a Kaiser Bun.

Spiesbraten being made

The pork shoulder slice was really tender and had the right amount of fat and the bun was very crusty. This was one of my favorite sandwiches.


Herring Sandwich and Deep Fried Calamari
There were seafood stores selling a wide variety of seafood sandwiches. There were crab meat, mackeral, lobster, fried fish and other types of sandwiches.

Seafood Store
Wide Variety of Seafood Sandwiches
Fried Seafood

I chose the Herring Sandwich and Deep Fried Calamari and both were bad. The Herring was very dry and the batter of the calamari wasn't crispy at all.

Herring Sandwich
Fried Calamari

Assorted Caramel Nuts
These were everywhere throughout the show. We couldn't resist the smell of cinnamon and caramel that was being cooked with the nuts in the copper pot.

Nuts and Popcorn Store
Making Caramel Nuts

There were a variety of caramel coated nuts we could choose from. Being indecisive we had it assorted. People that have a sweet tooth would definitely love this as the caramel forms a nice crunchy and sweet texture over the nuts.

Caramel Coated Nuts

For more pictures of the different foods please visit my flickr set

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