Monday, September 14, 2009

Kura Japanese Restaurant

Ever since I came back from Bali I have tried to eat healthy. This goal till was a failure because of all the Ramadhan Buffets. Within this week I have eaten at 4 of them; Sudu @ Hilton KL, Cinnamon @ One World Hotel, Lemon Garden @ Shangrila and Tropicana.

Today however I managed to stick to that goal by having a Sub for lunch and Japanese for Dinner at Kura. This is a sister restaurant of Rakuzen and therefore the menu offerings are pretty similar.

We opted to go ala carte rather than taking the set menu and ordered 5 different dishes which were all pretty good.

Beef Shabu Salad
Beef Shabu Salad
The greens were really fresh and the beef was really tender. The dressing is much lighter than the one served at Rakuzen but nevertheless it was good.

Unagi Onisushi
Unagi Onisushi
The Unagi was very soft and the sushi rice was well pressed where it did not fall apart when we ate it

Braised Cod Fish
Braised Cod Fish
The Cod Fish had a nice buttery texture. The broth was a little sweet but it did not overpower the fish

Grilled Buri Kama Shioyaki
Buri Kama Shioyaki
This is one of my favorite Japanese Dish and the one served here did not disappoint. The fish had a nice crispy skin and the flesh was very moist. The amount of salt was also just right

We also had Salmon Sashimi which I did not bother taking a picture of since you guys have probably seen so many of it.

Dinner for two cost us RM 201 including tips and taxes. I was stupid not to check the bill cause I just realized that they charged me RM35 for a dish that I did not order. I hope they will actually reimburse me for it tomorrow.

Contact Information:
Address: One World Hotel, First Avenue, Off Dataran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel:(03) 7726 9660

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Phin said...

the grilled fish looks delicious..please take me to this restaurant when i get back.