Monday, September 21, 2009

Snacking in around Frankfurt Am Main (Frankfurt Day 2)

We left the IAA around 3pm and spent some time roaming around Frankfurt City and stumbled upon a Maggi Store on Lyoner Strasse! Never seen one before we decided to check it out.

Maggie Store

This place sells everything from packaged sauces, noodles, soups and even cooked food! Wanting to see if it was any good we ordered the Chakalaka Curry Wurst.

Wide Variety of Maggie Sauces!
Menu @ Maggie

Sad as it may sound it was actually very good! In fact it was better than most Curry Wurst stores whose curry sauce was basically ketchup mixed with curry powder.

Maggie's Curry Wurst with Chakalaka Sauce

The sauce here was creamy and had a flavor similar to the gravy of butter chicken. It definitely went well with the sliced sausages. The crusty Kaiser Brochten was also great as we soaked the bread up in gravy.

Contact Information: Maggi Store
Address: Lyoner Stra├če 23, Frankfurt, HES 60528
Tel: +496966712293

Cafe Libretto: Cake and Coffee

In addition to Curry Wurst we also stopped by Cafe Libretto for some cake and coffee which was also around the corner from Maggi.

Cafe Libretto

Upon recommendation from the waitress we ordered the Himbeere Torte (Raspberry Torte). I enjoyed the sourness of the berries as it balances the sweetness from the sponge and the biscuit crust at the bottom.

Himbeere Torte (Raspberry Torte)

We also had a Latte Machiato to go with our cake.

Latte Machiato

Cafe Libretto
Address: Hasengasse 4, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +496920019010

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