Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snacking our way through Dinner @ Kaohsiung Night Market

It was great to meet some of my friends from our University's Badminton Club who are attending Derek's wedding. We have not seen each other for 4 years and it's quite amazing how fast time flies. Back then we were still in University and now everyone is getting married and working.

The image of a fat Kwong who causes a 245 pound earthquake when running to retrieve a shuttle was still in the mind of many. But after a few years of laboring in the gym and changing my eating habits I'm at 148 pounds. "Voice is still the same but you look half of what you were" Kenny exclaimed when we met earlier this afternoon.

After catching up over Bubble Tea and visiting Derek's house it was time for dinner. All of us (Kathy, Kenny, Mindy and Simy) had no idea where to eat as it was our first time in Kaohsiung. We then settled on visiting Kaohsiung's biggest night market and snack our way through the night!


Being a Saturday the market was really packed! It almost seems as though the entire city converged onto this place for dinner. I can see why... there were so many food stalls and most of them were selling something different. This is what I think truly sets Taiwan's night market apart from the rest! The variety of food that was offered is unmatched by any Night Market I've been too.


Snacks touched many regions from local Taiwanese Favorites such as fried chicken, Cantonese Dim Sum, Chinese Grilled Lamb Skewers, Japanese Sushi to more imaginative foods such as the delicious chicken steak sandwich that was served on a charcoal bun.

Deep Fried Giant Tentacles
Assorted Dim Sum
Assorted Breads
Deep Fried Crullers

With so much food around there was no way we could sample everything. Our choice was purely based on how long the queue was or how delicious the food looked. Anyone going to Kaohsiung or any other Taiwanese cities should definitely check out the night markets!

Deep Fried Squid
Deep Fried Squid
There was a long queue at this store. Everything is made fresh and they were only able to fry three squids at a time. We waited fifteen minutes and finally got ours. I can see why this store is so popular. The squid was really that good! The batter was light and crisp and the squid was really tender.

Cakes in Different Fillings
Cake filled with different flavors
Fillings ranged from sweet such as Taro, Red Bean, Green Tea to Savory like Bolognese Sauce and Tuna with Cheese. We ordered 6 pieces in different fillings. I had mine with Bolognese Sauce and it was surprisingly good.

Japanese Mochi aka QQ
Mochi (QQ)
I've never had Mochi that looked like this before. I really liked how the skin was transparent which allows you to see the colorful fillings inside. The skin was more pliable than the one's I usually eat and the filling was creamy.

Chicken Steak Sandwich on Charcoal Bun
This was my favorite! The chicken was so tender and the combination of margarine together with their orange color dressing was heaven!

Grilled Tiger Prawns
Grilled Tiger Prawns
I was stunned they even had these on offer on the night market. The prawns were large like those in Thailand and were simply salted and grilled over charcoal fire.

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