Monday, March 1, 2010

Really Good Taiwanese Food @ Yong Kang Street, Taipei

After work I met up with my colleague Ian who took me to Yong Kang Street for dinner. Wanting to eat some Taiwanese Food we checked out quite a few restaurants until we stumbled upon this eatery that was tucked in a corner street. The restaurant was quite packed and had newspaper clippings of celebrities visiting the place. Curious we went in to check their menu.

Restaurant Name
Newspaper Clippings

Ordering wasn’t difficult. We asked our waitress to recommend us some of their specialties and she did so by pointing at the different food pictures at the kitchen counter.

Looking at the color I think our squid was lightly poached and then chilled in a water bath before serving. It was delicious as we dipped it in some wasabi and soy sauce to give it some saltiness and zing.

Poached Oysters in Garlic Sauce
Baby Oysters
This was my favorite! I don’t really know how to describe the flavor of this dish. All I could say is the oysters were really fresh and went well with the aromatic fried garlic sauce.

Poached River Fish
Steam Fresh Water Fish
Another really good but simple dish, the fish had quite a bit of bones but I loved its flaky meat. The combination of light soy, ginger, scallions and brown beans that tasted like capers complemented the fish really well.

Pork Bone Soup
Pork Rib Soup
A simple soup that consisted of boiled pork ribs, wolfberries and a type of vegetable that I’m not sure of. The soup had a very light flavor with a hint of bitterness from the vegetable.

Pan-Fried Liver
Pan-Fried Pork Liver
I had this back in Malaysia at Zhe Shan Mei but this version was much better! The liver had a nice bouncy texture and was excellent with the sweet soy-based sauce.

Kai-Lan with Garlic
Stir-Fry Kai Lan with Garlic
This isn’t really Taiwanese but we needed some greens to end our meal.

Despite ordering quite a number of dishes between the two of us we finished everything because the portions were small. The food here was simple and delicious. and cost us NT$1300. The name of the restaurant was in Chinese. I would really appreciate it if one of you could help translate it for me.

Food: 4.2/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Price: $$ (Under $25 USD per person)

Contact Information
Address: If you can read Chinese please visit their website below
Tel: +8862322-2632

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