Thursday, August 5, 2010

Street Food @ Patpong, Bangkok

One of the best things about living in Le Meridien, Bangkok is location. Situated right on Patpong the nightlife never cease to stops with tourists from all over visiting the Go-Go Bars, Strip Joints, Massage Parlors, Night Market and Restaurants.

Ken and I were taking Wayne around the area when his stomach started growling for some supper. There were a ton of tourist filled restaurants to choose from but a small hawker store adjacent to the Patpong Night Market caught Wayne’s attention.

This is not the cleanest hawker store around and it only has a couple of tables that are usually filled with Go-Go Bar Employees. But the food and price more than makes up for everything!


For a mere THB 45 you are entitled to fill up your plate with all the delicious looking food laid out that included Curries, Vegetables, Seafood and Fried Items.

Patpong Mixed Rice Hawker

We ordered two plates of rice and enjoyed all the dishes we piled on our plate especially the Green Curry Chicken and Red Curry Pork. Wayne loved it so much he actually went for a second serving.

Wayne's Plate
Ken's Plate

Ken decided to order a simple dish of Fried Omelet on Rice from the store next door. It was a little cleaner with the chef wearing a face mask while frying our Omelet. A bite of her omelet puts most Hotel Kitchens to shame. The Omelet was surprisingly fluffy and delicious. It was way better than most Hotel's breakfast Omelet.

Patpong Fried Omelet Hawker
Fried Omelet on Rice

We continued walking a little longer after our supper but as we headed back to our Hotel Wayne wanted to try out the noodle store that was right opposite the first Hawker we tried. We ordered a bowl of Beef Noodle Soup and it was quite good. The Beef Balls had a nice bite to it and the noodles were smooth.

Patpong Beef Noodle Shop
Patpong Beef Noodle Shop
Beef Noodle Soup

Of all the four meals I had today, Supper was definitely the best. I'm ashamed how I have never given any of these places a try despite staying at Le Meridian countless of times.

Food: 4.3/5
Ambiance: 1.5/5
Service: 4/5
Price: $ (Under USD $10 for everything we had)

Contact Information
Address: Hawker Stores between Patpong Night Market and Le Meridien Hotel
Tel: N/A

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Anonymous said...

great stuff mate, enjoying your blog from sydney

Kwong said...

Thanks a lot! I hope I'll get a chance try out Sydney's food early next year! =)