Thursday, February 17, 2011

Izakaya @ Za-Watami, Tokyo

It was our last day in Tokyo and we spent it visiting various Temples and Shopping Malls leaving us too exhausted to bother traveling far for dinner. We decided to ask our concierge where the closest Izakaya was and she recommended us to Za-Watami which was located just outside the Meguro Subway Station.

Kaki Fry (Deep Fried Oysters)
Kaki Fry: Fried Oysters
This was not bad. The Kaki Fry was a little over fried but it was still crispy and did not have a burnt flavor. The Katsu Sauce however was a little overpowering.

Teppan Beef
Teppan Beef
The Teppan Beef was very tender but it was a little too oily and over salted.

Teppan Hotate (Scallops)
Teppan Hotate
The Scallops were cooked just right and was served with Garlic Butter which went very well with the Scallops. This was probably the best dish we had.

Fried Shisamo
Fried Shisamo
Not very good. It was soggy and did not have a crispy texture.

Sashimi Moriawase
Sashimi Moriawase
Nothing to wow about either. The Sashimi wasn't very fresh. I could name a number of restaurants outside of Japan whose Sashimi is much better.

Ebi Fry (Deep Fried Prawns)
Ebi Fry
The Batter was very soggy and was fried with re-used oil. Guu's Ebi-Fry was way better!

After all the amazing food we had I was about to think it is impossible to find a bad restaurant in Tokyo until our meal at Za-Watami. The food overall was bad especially the Deep-Fried Dishes. To make matters worse my brother had Food Poisoning the next morning which was most likely caused by the reused frying oil.

Food: 1/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Price: $$ (Under USD $20 per person)

Contact Information
Address: 2F of building Opposite JR Meguro Line
Tel: +8157379446

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David Goddard said...

Za Watami is a chain of Izakaya, so you should not expect the food to be a high standard. It is after all a pub and their to be enjoyed for what it is.