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Peking Duck @ Xindalu China Kitchen, Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai

I've read a number of reviews about Xindalu Restaurant at Hyatt on the Bund. It is supposedly the place in Shanghai for Peking Ducks. Ducks are specially imported from Beijing which are then roasted in a specially made Clay Oven on Red Date Wood. In addition to their Peking Duck, the restaurant also serves a number of dishes from Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing and Hangzhou.

Xindalu Restaurant

Picked Raddish with Soybean
Picked Raddish with Soybean:
This was our Amuse Bouche. The Pickled Raddish was sour and salty which was a good pallet opener.

Peking Duck
Chef Carving the Peking Duck
Peking Duck
Our Chef presented our beautifully Roasted Duck and carved the Skin and Meat out Table Side.

Peking Duck Crepe
For such an expensive Duck one would think they made the Crepe from Scratch. With an open Kitchen we caught one of the chefs opening a brand new packet of pre-made crepes.

Peking Duck Condiments: Assorted Dipping Sauces and Cucumber and Green Onion
Dipping Sauces
Cucumber and Spring Onion Condiment
Our Peking Duck was served with some Hoisin Sauce, Sugar and another Dip which I don't know what it is. The Hoisin Sauce was very mild compared with other places.

Peking Duck Skin
Skin from the Breast Meat
Peking Duck Wrap
Peking Duck Wrap
Like the other Peking Ducks I've had in China I found the Duck Skin to be very fat and oily. The Skin was roasted really well but contained a lot of Fat that wasn't rendered out. It has to be eaten with the Crepe because upon biting the crispy skin all the Duck Fat came oozing out. It wasn't something you could eat more than a couple of pieces of.

Peking Duck: Meat
Peking Duck Meat
Ironically this was the best part of the Peking Duck. The Meat was very flavorful and Tender.

Shanghai-Style Smoked Fish
Shanghainese Smoked Fish
A Shanghainese Cold Dish recommended by our Waitress. Like Fu1088 it was served hot with the Fish Deep Fried and then tossed in a Sweet Sauce. The Fish was very crispy with the meat not overcooked. However the sauce was way too sweet.

River Prawns with Long Jing Tea Leaves
River Prawns with Long Jing Tea Leaves
A typical Shanghainese Dish with a twist where Long Jing Leaves were added. The Prawns were very smooth in texture and was firm to the bite. However I could not taste the flavor of the Long Jing Leaves.

Stir Fried Peas
Stir Fried Peas
Stir-Fried Peas was part of their Seasonal Menu. The Peas had a nice crunch and was nicely salted from the use of Chinese Cured Ham/Bacon.

Mui Choi Pork
Mui Choi Pork:
Recommended by our Waitress. The Pork was very good. It was very tender and was not too sweet. The Fat literally melts in your mouth.

Dessert Sampler: Tearamisu, Fried Banana Spring Rolls, Shanghainese Rice Cake, Mango with Sago and Fresh Fruits
Dessert Sampler
Chocolate Banana Spring Roll
Shanghainese Rice Cake
Mango and Sago
This was probably my favorite course of the night. I enjoyed all their desserts particularly their Tearamisu.

At the end of our meal we felt the food at Xindalu was over rated. It was definitely above average but the prices were definitely on the steep side. The Peking Duck although perfectly roasted and crisp, contains way too much Fat making me feel nauseous. Maybe it's just my personal preference but I still prefer the Peking Ducks served in Thailand and Malaysia where the Skin is Crispy and contains very little fat.

Food: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Price: $$$$ (Approximately USD $40 per person)

Contact Information
Address: 上海上海市虹口区黄浦路199号, China
Tel: +86 21 6393 1234 ‎

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