Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sampling some of Malang's delicious local dishes!

A while back I had the opportunity to visit Malang on a short business trip to learn more about the Coffee Industry. It was an amazing experience where I had the opportunity to learn how Coffee was grown, sorted, processed and packaged.

During my short two day trip I also had a chance to sample some of my host's local favorites of Malang’s popular dishes, Sate Kambing, Gule Kambing and Soto Ayam Lombok.

Rumah Makan Cairo

Ruman Makan Cairo

The first night my host took me to her favorite restaurant for Sate Kambing and Gule Kambing called Rumah Makan Cairo. The restaurant was small and without much decor but according to her this is the place for Sate Kambing and Gule Kambing.

Gule Kambing
Gule Kambing
Gule Kambing is a Goat's Innards stew that taste like a cross between Soto Ayam and Soto Lembu. It was my first time having Goat's Tripe and Liver and I really enjoyed it especially with rice. The flavorful broth covered any gamey flavor of the Tender Goat's Innards.

Sate Kambing

Sate Kambing
Peanut Dip for Sate Kambing
The sate had a nice combination of Fat and Meat. The Sate was seasoned with just salt and some spices that contained Cumin. This was definitely different than Malaysian Satay, which uses Lemongrass, Turmeric and a host of other ingredients. Nevertheless I enjoyed Malang’s version as well.

Contact Information:
Address: Jl Kapt. Piere. Tendean 1, Malang, Indonesia
Tel: (0341) 366433

Soto Ayam jl Lombok

Soto Ayam JL Lombok

For lunch the next day I was taken to a little restaurant that is famous for their Soto Ayam on Jalan Lombok called Soto Ayam JL Lombok. Considered by many to serve the best Soto Ayam in Malang locals actually calls their version of Soto Ayam, Soto Lombok.

Soto Ayam Lombok
Soto Ayam Lombok
This was delicious! Their Soto is much more flavorful than the one's served in KL. The combination of their Spice Paste, Fried Shallots, Spring Onions and Cilantro made this such an aromatic and hearty Noodle Soup Dish. The Chicken Flavor was definitely very pronounced here.

My host was going light that afternoon and ordered a plate of pressed rice cakes called Lontong. It is usually eaten with Soto Ayam but in her case she had it with some Chili Garnish

Prawn Crackers
Prawn Crackers
These weren’t very good in my opinion. It was not very crispy and lacked Prawn Flavor.

Contact Information
Address: Jl Lombok 1 Klojen Kota Malang, Tlp 0341-366226, Indonesia
Tel: +62 341 366226 ‎

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