Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pigging out @ Hua Hin Night Market

We were in Hua Hin for the night and decided to have dinner at the Night Market. The best Pad Thai I've had in Thailand was at a stall at the end of the Night Market three years back and this was the place we decided to have our dinner in addition to a few more stalls.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai Stall
Pad Thai
This is my favorite Pad Thai Stall and it still is. The Pad Thai here is not sweet and oily and had a very strong egg flavor. It was delicious.

Oyster Omelet
Fried Oyster Omelet
This was also quite good. The Omelet was very crispy and had a nice contrast in texture to the soft oysters.

Pork Ball
Pork Ball Vendor
BBQ Pork Balls
The Pork Balls weren't very good. It tasted like it's store bought.

Grilled Ayutthaya Prawns
Grilled Ayutthaya Prawns
My cousin couldn't resist trying one of the giant Ayutthaya Prawns which we did. The prawn turned out chewy and rather tasteless.

Contact Information
Address: Hua Hin Market
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