Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hot Potting in Jhongli

It was my final night in Taiwan and my plan of going to Taipei for some street food was abandoned due to the rain. Because of the crappy weather we decided to have some hot pot inside a shopping mall nearby my hotel. Once again there's no English so I have no idea what the restaurant is called.

Restaurant Menu

We ordered a simple set meal for 2 which came with two heavily seasoned and flavorful broths. The original flavor was herbal based that tasted very similar to China's Little Sheep Hot Pot chain. The Szechuan Ma-La flavor was so spicy I didn't even bother cooking my food in it.

Boiling Pot of Food!

Our set included some seafood, an array of vegetables, noodles, lamb and stuffed balls. I particularly liked the balls that they served. They had a nice bouncy texture and had stuffings such as minced meat and cheese.

Tiger Prawns and Stuffed Crab

Red Snapper

Vegetable and Balls

The lamb is little too lean for my liking. Boiling it a little too short and it's raw but a minute too long and it tends to be chewy.


Overall, the food wasn't great. I still think the best Hot Pot is in Canada since it's all-you-can-eat and the quality of the meats and seafood is equivalent to all the high-end hot pot restaurants in Asia where you would have to pay through your nose to get the same quality.

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