Thursday, June 18, 2009

Japanese Grub @ Gal's Sushi

This has been a real crazy month. After my last post in Ningbo, I'm back in Toronto for one week before I return to KL on the 24th. Still jet-lagged and tired, I decided to meet my customer for dinner in a restaurant just opposite my house called Gal's Sushi.

Like many Japanese Restaurants in Toronto this place is operated by Koreans which is an added bonus since we can order Korean dishes and also get complimentary appetizers. At Gal's Sushi our appetizers were Chap Chae (Potato Noodles), Gamja Jorim (Potatoes glazed in Sweet Soy), Salad and Miso Soup.

Chap Chae (Potato Noodles stir-fried with Vegetables)

Gamja Jorim (Potatoes glazed with Sweet Soy)

Salad Appetizer

Flipping through the pictures in the menu we ordered a large Sashimi platter and Gam Ja Tang (Spicy Pork Bone Soup) to share for four people. The Sashimi was definitely very fresh particularly the Salmon. However we were a little disappointed with the portion as the picture showed it to look a lot bigger, 65 pieces to be exact. I'm not sure how much was served here but the slices we're also pretty small.

65 pcs Sashimi Platter

We've had better Gam Ja Tang elsewhere but this one wasn't bad. The soup was pretty rich and flavorful and there was quite a bit of meat on the pork bones.

Gam Ja Tang (Korean Spicy Pork Bone Soup)

Still feeling hungry my customer ordered a medium Sushi platter and May ordered the Da Gu Giri (Cod Fish and Assorted Vegetables in Non Spicy Soup). I really enjoyed the Sushi. The rice was small compared to the fresh slices of fish on top and it did not fall apart before we put it in our mouth.

26 pcs Sushi Platter

The Da Gu Giri was pretty bland. But we won't complain because like most other Korean Restaurants that serves up a clear-soup dish, it tends to taste something like this.

Da Gu Giri (Cod Fish and Assorted Vegetables Stew)

Overall our meal cost us CAD $110. It's a good value except for the Sashimi platter which I felt they should have made the slices a little bigger or thicker like in other Japanese Restaurants.

Contact Information:
Address: 3261 HWY 7 East, Unit 106, Markham, Ontario, L3R0G6
Tel: +1-905-305-7753


jon_jai said...

I love that place, except i venture the one on Hwy7. I always prefer their small rice sushi even though its not the best priced place but it is worth the money.

Kwong said...

I'll go give that branch a try once I'm back in TO! Haha I just got back to KL tonight. I'll give you guys a shout tomorrow so we can go eat! =)