Tuesday, June 23, 2009

King of Kings Chinese Restaurant "Specialist in Peking Duck and Seafood"

It was our last day in Toronto and May wanted to have some lobster since it's still lobster season. I was craving for some Chinese food and so we called a few friends and headed to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants nearby called "King of Kings".

Restaurant Entrance

Self-proclaiming themselves as specialists of Peking Duck and Seafood we started off with the Duck. Our first course arrived with minimal presentation; just slabs of really crispy duck skin and some meat all piled on a plate.

Peking Duck First Course

Unlike most Malaysian Chinese Restaurants where they wrap the duck skin for you, here you have to DIY. Labor must be too expensive for them to teach the retired aunties how to wrap it for us. On a positive note, it is a good thing doing it ourselves because we could customize it to our liking. For example, my wrap had a ton of sauce and May filled her crepe with as much duck skin as possible.

Wrapping Peking Duck

Except for May we were all guys that night and all of us love to eat our duck with bones, we therefore had our duck just plainly chopped for the second course.

Peking Duck Second Course

Andrew who is also Malaysian and lived in Canada for quite sometime missed Egg Tofu which he claims is rarely found in any HK-Style restaurants. We found it on the menu here and ordered it braised with assorted seafood. The tofu was exactly as he recalls back home; soft but yet not crumbly. The seafood which contained some cuttlefish, shrimps and clams were good as well. They weren't overcooked and the sauce wasn't overpowering or salty in any way.

Braised Egg Tofu with Seafood

Next came my favorite, the Steam Tilapia. Most people that can afford the Green Bass would hate this fish but I love it. For starters, it's a lot cheaper than Green Bass and second, I prefer the flaky meat texture over the Green Bass's chunky flesh.

Steam Tilapia

Ahhh finally the dish that May came to eat arrived. The lobster! Opting for a healthier approach and full Lobster flavor we decided to have ours plainly chopped and steamed! Dip in some soy this lobster was excellent! The meat was not chewy and I quite liked the glass noodles that they placed underneath it.

Steam Lobster

Did I forget to mention we also had some greens and a complimentary soup? For vegetables we had the Braised Dao Miu with King Oyster Mushrooms. We actually ordered ours with superior stock but they mixed up the order and we got the more expensive dish =). The vegetables were really soft and the chewy mushrooms gave it a nice contrast in texture.

Dao Miu with Oyster Mushroom

The soup was great too! Full of flavor it definitely showed it's been boiled for many many hours.

Soup of the Day

I was so stuffed by the end of the meal. My friends who claimed to be really hungry bailed on me by the time the fish came. The entire meal only set us back CAD105 including tips and taxes which I thought was a steal considering the amount of dishes we had including the lobster.

Contact Information:
Address: Unit 22, 3255 Highway 7 East, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 3P9
Tel: TBA
Website: N/A

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