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Excellent Balinese Food @ Rajas (Day-3 Bali)

Located in Nusa Dua Resort, Rajas is an institution in Bali that serves up excellent Balinese Cuisine. We decided to give it a try since it was located just right next to our resort.

Raja's Balinese Cuisine

The menu was quite small but it had a lot of Balinese dishes that we really wanted to try! It took us a while to decide but we finally settled on a starter, soup and one meat course.

Prior to our meal we were first served a bowl of Balinese Crackers and an Amuse Bouche of Quail Egg. The crackers contained quite a few spices especially Cardamom.

Assorted Keropok
Amouse Bouche: Quail Eggs

For starters we had a sample of Balinese Appetizers. Worth noting was the Be Sampi Mesitsit (Grilled Shredded Beef with Lime Dressing) and Lawar Kelungah Sareng Udang Mepanggang (Salad of Young Coconut Shell with Grilled King Prawn). The beef was so tender and was a perfect balance between sweet, sour and spicy. The prawn was plump and juicy and the crunch from young coconut shell salad gave it a nice contrast in texture when eaten together.

Mixed Balinese Appetizers

Srobsop Yuyu (Crabmeat Soup with Butternut Pumpkin and Young Coconut) came next. The coconut broth was very light and was salted just right to draw out the natural flavor of the crab. Adding lime to the soup gave it a nice touch of acidity!

Srobsop Yuyu

Our Bebek Betutu came next as the waiter rolled it out from a cart to our table. Upon opening the palm leaves one could smell the 16 spices that was used to marinade the duck.

Bebek Betutu
Bebek Betutu Unwrapped!

The waiter told us the duck was roasted for at least 4 hours which is why the meat was falling off the bone. The meat was so moist and flavorful and eating it with rice and long beans was very satisfying.

Bebek Betutu
Bebek Betutu with Rice and Vegetables

Desserts was next and having tasted such good food, we decided to try everything on the menu! First up was the Assorted Balinese Desserts. Our favorite was the Dadar Gulung (Pandanus Leaf Pancakes with a Jackfruit and Palm Sugar Filling). The pancake wraps were so soft and had a very strong pandan flavor and the filling was had the right amount of sweetness.

Assorted Balinese Desserts

Pudding Kelapa Muda (Young Coconut Pudding Baked in a Shell with Palm Sugar Sauce) was another excellent dessert. The pudding had a similar texture to Creme Brulee and the combination of palm sugar and coconut meat really made this a coconut lover's dessert.

Pudding Kelapa Muda

The other two desserts we also had were Cendol Manis (Rice Dumplings with Coconut Milk and Palm Sugar) and Karud Pandan (Poached Pandanus Flavored Dumplings with Honey and Ginger Ice Cream). We still prefer the Cendol back home and the Karud Pandan was a little too hard for my liking. The Ginger Ice Cream however was really creamy and delicious!

Cendol Manis
Karud Pandan

Last but not lease we also had Kelapa Es Puter (Indonesian Coconut Flavored Ice Cream). This was probably the best coconut ice cream I had even compared with Thailand. The coconut flavor was very strong.

Kelapa Es Puter

Our entire meal came up to USD $74. We definitely recommend this to anyone that would like to have a taste of really good Balinese Food, which in my opinion is quite hard to find. Before we forget, we were also treated to a Balinese Kecak Dance while eating.

Kecak Dance

Contact Information:
Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa
Nusa Dua, Bali
T: 62 361 771210
F: 62 361 771229

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