Monday, August 31, 2009

Nasi Padang @ Restoran Sederhana

For our 4th day in Bali we really wanted to try what the locals eat when they go out. Our guide Ade, took us to his favorite Nasi Padang Restaurant called Restoran Sederhana for dinner.

Restaurant Sederhana

This was our first Nasi Padang and we were definitely impressed with the speed and spread of the food!

Minutes after we ordered a Teh Tarik, our waiter brought us a wide variety of dishes together with rice. We were only charged on the dishes that we ate. Being hungry and greedy we had a piece of everything that was on the table including an order of Sate Lilit that was cooked right outside.

Malaysian Teh Tarik

Real Nasi Padang

Most of the dishes tasted alright and that is because it was served cold. We did however enjoy a few dishes such as the deep-fried omelet, curry squid and the Sate Lilit. I couldn't tell what kind of sate it was because it was drenched in a very thick gravy that tasted like Mushroom Sauce. We liked the gravy so much that we also used it as a dip for our omelet and shrimp cracker.

Indonesian Fritata
Curry Cuttle Fish
Sate Lilit

For dessert we had a Pudding that was made from coconut and palm sugar. We really liked the strong flavor from the palm sugar.

Palm Sugar Agar Agar

The place is definitely worth a visit for anyone that would like to sample what the locals it. This must be quite a good place since it was quite packed that night. Our meal only came up to USD 17 for all the dishes we had.

Contact Information
Address: Next to Billabong Outlet in Kuta
Tel: N/A

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