Monday, September 28, 2009

Japanese @ Restaurant Kyoto (Budapest Day 2)

Yes... I know all the hype about eating Hungarian food from my previous post and the very next day we had Japanese for lunch. Believe me I wanted Hungarian cuisine but my stomach was hurting from all the food I had in the past week.


That leads us to Kyoto, an upscale Japanese Restaurant that is located near the Four Seasons Hotel. There was a lunch menu available and both Bolly and Phin ordered from it.

Bolly's set lunch included Sushi and a main of Chicken Katsudon. Bolly preferred the Chicken at Kyoto and felt it was definitely crispier and juicier than what we had last night at Figlmuller.

Chicken Katsudon

Phin on the other hand opted for Gyoza together with Chicken Teppanyaki. I had a piece of the gyoza and found it a little too soggy and oily. The chicken teppanyaki however was actually pretty good. The chicken was tender and had a nice little crisp on the outside.


Opting to go light I chose the New Style Sashimi and an order of Cha Siu Ramen. The Sashimi was quite fresh but were cut very thinly. As for the Ramen... let's just say it probably came out from a packet.

New Style Sashimi
Cha Siu Ramen

In addition to the food we had we also ordered a Black Dragon Roll which was very good. The sweet teriyaki sauce that was basted on the unagi certainly gave the roll a nice flavor.

Black Dragon Roll

Overall, Kyoto was quite a good Japanese Restaurant. It may not be as good as Shisan in Frankfurt but the quality was good enough to satisfy us for lunch.

Contact Information:
Address: H-1051 Budapest, Roosevelt Ter 7-8
Tel: +361-801-9862

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