Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eating our way to Bolly's Hometown! Budapest

Our last Viennese Dessert
Before leaving Vienna for Budapest we had one more dessert called the Imperial Torte. Created in our Hotel and claimed to be a culinary treasure of Vienna this torte was created by the hotel's apprentice chef in honor of Austra's then Emperor Franz Joseph I. We bought a box of the petit fours and ate it while we drove towards Hungary.

Imperial Torte

The petit fours tasted more like chocolate truffle than cake. The center was marzipan mixed with cocoa cream and was covered with a milk chocolate coating. There was a strong almond flavor but I did they used dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

Imperial Torte Petit Fours
Imperial Torte Petit Fours

Contact Information
Address: Kärntner Ring 16 1015 Wien Austria
Tel: +(43) (1) 501 10-313

Lunch at Sopron, Hungary
Sopron is quiet little Hungarian town that borders Austria. We stopped here for lunch where I had my first Hungarian meal at Corvinus Pizzeria. Before you guys think I've gone made No... Pizza is not Hungarian. We decided to eat at this Pizzeria because of the al-fresco seating and it's large menu selection of Hungarian specialties. Not knowing what to order my friend Bolly ordered a few dishes for us to share.

Vegyes gyumolcsleves vanilia fagylattal (Fruit Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream)
Vegyes gyumolcsleves vanilia fagylattal
This was a very interesting soup. Served cold obviously I've never had a sweet soup with Vanilla Ice Cream before a main meal! The soup was very creamy and tasted somewhat like a strawberry yogurt drink with vanilla ice cream. It reminded me a little bit of cold Chinese dessert fruit soups such as Honey Dew with Sago.

Husleves Majgaluskaval: Liver Dumpling Soup
Husleves Majgaluskaval
Neighbors of Austria, the Hungarians also have a version of the Liver Dumpling Soup which is quite good. The beef consomme wasn't too salty nor oily and the liver dumplings although not as perfectly shaped and presented as Meirei was also full of liver goodness and tender.

Chef Salad
Chef Salad
Yes this is not a Hungarian Dish but we needed some greens after all the food we had in the past few days. Although it was just a simple salad with some chicken breast strips I was surprised at the flavorful but not overpowering salad dressing that is oil-free. According to Bolly the dressing was basically the water used for pickling gherkins.

Sertesporkolt hazi galuskaval (Pork Stew with Home Made Dumplings)
Sertesporkolt hazi galuskaval (Pork Stew with Home Made Dumplings)
This was an excellent and hearty dish! I thoroughly enjoyed fork-tender chunks of pork that is braised in the rich paprika stew. Their home made dumplings which I think is Spaetzle was perfectly cooked and salted. It was definitely better than the Spaetzle I had at Augustiner Brauhaus in Munich!

Turos csusza (Hungarian Flat Noodles with Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream Sauce
Turos csusza
This was also very good! The flat noodles were mixed with cottage cheese, sour cream and a dash of paprika and bacon bits. Unlike Italian Pasta which is usually cooked Al Dente, the noodles were really soft and smooth in texture similar to our Chinese rice noodles (Hor Fun). The cheese and sour cream were light in flavor which I think complemented the soft noodles really well.

Contact Information:
Address:9400 Sopron, Fő tér 7-8.
Tel:+36 99 505035

Hungarian Dessert at Dömötöri Cukrászda, Sopron Hungary

Following up with our excellent lunch we headed to this cafe to sample a Hungarian Dessert called Kremes. Kremes is basically a Hungarian Vanilla Pie that consist of vanilla cream filling that is sandwiched between two thin layers of puff pastry. The vanilla cream filling was very light and airy almost resembling a somewhat soft tofu like texture. The puff pastry gave it a nice contrast in texture. Overall this was a nice and light dessert.

Kremes (Vanilla Cream Pie)

As usual, Phin ordered a cup of coffee and this time it was a Cappuccino.


Contact Information
Address: 9400 Sopron, Széchenyi tér 13.
Tel: +36 (99) 506-623

Overall I amreally excited about the food in Hungary. Corvinus and Dömötöri Cukrászda were just two small-town restaurants that we randomly picked while making a stop and the food was pretty good! I just can't wait to sample the food that Bolly is going to take us to try when we reach Budapest.