Saturday, September 26, 2009

Schnitzel @ Figlmuller (Vienna Day 2)

We wanted to eat the ultimate Wiener Schnitzel and when searching through the net we stumbled upon Figlmuller. A restaurant that is known to most tourists as the ultimate schnitzel spot in Vienna.

Queuing is almost inevitable at Figlmuller during lunch and dinner due to the no reservations policy. And so we waited in line with everybody else; Americans, Japanese, Chinese, English, Australian but no Austrians...


Service was fast and efficient once we got seated and looking at the size of the schnitzel from neighboring tables it was huge! The so-called "Figlmuller" schnitzel was twice the size of the plate it was served. We ordered that and also the chicken Schnitzel to share.

Long Queue

After trying the Figlmuller Schnitzel I can honestly say it is a tourist rip-off. Yes they definitely have the biggest schnitzel in Vienna and if not the world... but it was very dry and definitely not crispy.

Figlmuler Schnitzel

The Chicken Schnitzel's size was a lot smaller and fared a lot better both in flavor and texture. It was moist and the batter was actually quite crispy.

Chicken Schnitzel

We weren't the only ones that were unhappy with our meal as other tables too had trouble chowing down the huge but rather ordinary Figlmuller Schnitzel. And for 14.50 Euros this was definitely a rip off. No wonder there wasn't any locals eating here.

Contact Information:
Address: Wollzeile 5, Vienna 1010, Austria
Tel: 01/512 61 77
Fax: 01/320 42 57-20

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