Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Brunch @ Four Seasons Bangkok

Ahh… the Sunday Brunch at Four Seasons… Some say it is the best in Bangkok… Some say it is the most expensive… And some say it is both!

Having tried Sheraton Grande’s Jazzy Brunch and Marriot’s Trader Vics what do I have to say about Four Seasons? First, I agree that it is super expensive… The price is THB 2350 ++ per person (including free-flow of champagne) and there is no price for people that don’t want any alcoholic drinks which both Sheraton and Marriot offers. Therefore non-drinkers like May and I are stuck paying the additional corkage fee!

Why no non-alcoholic price? Well this is because their brunch system is very different. Alcoholic drinks are not served but are self-service with all other drinks at their bar which made it hard for them to differentiate between the alcohol and non-alcohol payees. In addition, the brunch is not really a buffet like the other two hotels. At Four Seasons you are given cards with your table number where you would place it at every station that you would like to order. The food is cooked to order and served at your table.

As for the food well let's just say it's over-rated. The brunch is laid out across two of their restaurants The Madison Grill and Spice Market and goes out onto their lounge, Aqua.

Madison Grill featured an assortment of cold seafood, salads, cheeses and desserts. The main draw however was the live grill station where we could choose a variety of meats and sausages that are cooked to order. What it did not have however was caviar and King Crab Legs! That was shocking especially when both Sheraton and Marriott serves everything Madison had including caviar and at a lower price!

Live Grill Station at Madisons
Assorted Pastries
Assorted Macarons
Assorted Thai Desserts
Dessert station: Crepes and Souffle

Spice Market had two Thai stations. One serving barbecue meat and ball skewers and the other serving some Thai Snacks such as Meang Kam, Yam Sam O and Kao Kriap Pak Maw.

Grilled Thai Chicken, Pork and Beef Ball Skewers
Thai Station

Aqua housed everything else from Chinese (Dim Sum and Barbecued Meats), Indian (Tandoori, Naan and Curries), Japanese (Sashimi and Sushi), Middle Eastern (Chicken Schwarma), Breakfast (eggs, sausages and waffles), Pasta, and a Foei Gras Station. Quite a wide variety you might think but trust me the other brunches had more.

Charsiew and Suckling Pig
Dim Sum
Breakfast Station
Pasta Station
Foie Gras Station

Quality is definitely more important than quantity but Four Seasons disappoint.
The Foie Gras we had was a little chewy because it wasn't de-veined properly.

Foie Gras

Seared Tuna was cooked well-done despite my request for it to be done rare and the Grilled Rock Lobster was chewy and bland.

Grilled Rock Lobster, Tuna and Roast Pork Loin

Tandoori Chicken was dry and bland and the Chinese Food was average.

Tandoori Chicken
Chinese Dishes

The most disappointing of all was our salmon sashimi. Every piece I ate contained a bone inside. This definitely spoiled my brunch as I've never had bones in my sashimi except for really cheap buffet joints back in Toronto.

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi

Despite the negatives there were some good dishes worth mentioning. Grilling seafood may not be Madison's forte but my order of Australian Prime Rib Roast was cooked medium-rare, very tender and packed a lot of flavor.

Australian Prime Rib Roast and Veal Sausage

Lobster Bisque was rich and creamy.

Lobster Bisque

My favorite of all was the Yom Sam O where the chefs added a lot of pomelo, fried shallots and nuts which definitely gave their rendition a robust flavor and texture.

Yam Som O

Banana Souffle was light fluffy and definitely tasted like banana. There was even melted dark chocolate at the bottom!

Banana Souffle

To sum up this really long post, I am somewhat disappointed at the brunch in Four Seasons. This is by far the most expensive brunch I have had but its food lacks quality and variety when compared with Sheraton Grande which is my favorite of the three I've tried so far. For more photos you can view it on my Flickr Set

Contact Information:
Address: Four Seasons Hotel, 155 Rajadamri Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2 126-8866

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Rachel said...

Absolutely have to agree with you.

I ate at the Four Seasons for brunch a couple of months ago and thought it was one of the most disappointing brunches I've ever eaten AND the most expensive.

Certainly wouldn't eat there again as like you said the Sheraton and Marriot's brunches are better and cheaper.

Beautiful photos, btw :)