Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thai Food @ Phan Khom, Central World

We were at Central World shopping for some shoes when our stomachs started to grumble for food. It was 8pm and most of the restaurants were packed in the mall. Street food was out of the question due to the rain and so we continued roaming aimlessly around Central World's top two floors and finally settled upon Phan Khom Contemporary Thai Cuisine which was empty.

Phan-Khom Contemporary Thai Cuisine

I don't know what contemporary Thai cuisine is. Browsing the menu, Phan Khom just serves up regular Thai Food that we could get on the street. The only difference is we're paying a lot more because it's inside a mall.

Pad Thai came first and the noodles were too wet,oily and sweet. The only thing good were the few pieces of prawns.

Pad Thai

Gaeng Som (Thai Sour Curry) was also a little too sweet but had a thicker consistency than most places. Ours came with a few measly slices of fish.

Gaeng Som

Nam Prik Goong Sod (Boiled Vegetables with Shrimp Paste) wasn't very good either. The vegetables were over-boiled and limp. The shrimp paste however had a few chunky pieces of prawns which gave the paste a little bump in flavor and texture.

Nam Prik Kung Sod

Last was Larb Kai (Minced Chicken Salad), the only dish that was good. It was sour, spicy and had a nice crunch from the toasted uncooked rice that was grounded and mixed with the vinaigrette.

Laarb Kai

The bill came up to THB 1300 which is steep and considering the poor quality of the food I probably won't dine here again.

Contact Information:
Address: Top Floor of Central World Shopping Mall
Tel: N/A
Web: N/A

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