Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Breakfast @ Chez Cora

Most of you might have noticed that I don’t really blog about breakfast. This is because I usually don’t eat breakfast and if I did it usually is something quick from home.

My big and friendly business partner Laurent needs to have his power meal to kick start his day. And so en-route to work we made a quick stop at Chez Cora, a popular breakfast chain in Montreal.

Restaurant Entrance

Breakfast at Chez Cora is definitely meant for champions. Salads and light sandwiches are nowhere to be seen. Think waffles, bacon, hash, sausages and huge wraps.

Wanting to go easy in the morning the lightest thing I could find was muesli with fruits and fresh yogurt. The unsweetened yogurt gave a nice coat to the crispy muesli and sweet chunks of apples, honeydew and fresh berries.

Fruit and Muesli with Fresh Yoghurt

Laurent who was suppose to go light ordered a huge tortillas wrap that was filled with ham, cheese, egg and rice. It also came with a nice mix of fresh fruits.

Ham and Cheese Wrap with Fresh Fruits

I haven’t had breakfast like this in a while. But if I did I would definitely want to have Chez Cora’s waffles, which looked really good on the menu.

Contact Information
Address: 5242 Route 132, Sainte-Catherine, J5C 1L8
Tel: +1 (450) 632-5707

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