Sunday, February 7, 2010

Breakfast and Lunch @ Hilton Bandung

From Bangkok I flew into Bandung, Indonesia for Ananta’s wedding where we stayed at the Hilton for 3 days. Arriving at 11pm on Friday, with the wedding @ 6pm on Saturday and our flight @ 12pm on Sunday we did not get a chance to tour and eat around the city. Instead we had our breakfast and lunch inside the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant Purnawarman.

Patio Seating


The breakfast buffet spread was actually quite big. With an open-kitchen concept the restaurant served a variety of cuisines.

Egg Station

Continental dishes included an egg station, sauteed mushrooms, salads, smoked salmon, waffles and even ice cream!

Sauteed Mushrooms
Salad Bar
Milanese Fish
Waffles and Pancakes

Indonesian Dishes included Coconut Rice, Fried Noodles, Fried Chicken, Sweet Potato Cakes, Corn Flour Pudding, Indonesian Beef Stew and many more…

Fried Chicken
Indonesian Sweet Potato Cake
Some Indonesian Cake
Indonesian Beef and Potato Stew

Chinese selections included assorted Dim Sum, Porridge and a Noodle Bar and last but not least there was also a juice bar, assorted fruits counter and a bread and cereal station.

Assorted Pau
Noodle Bar
Juice and Fruit Bar

Not being much of a breakfast person I did not sample everything. The stuff that I had that was good included the noodles, Indonesian Beef Stew and Waffles.

I don’t know much about Bandung and how popular it is among tourists but I can attest that the breakfast buffet spread can rival any of the 5 Star Hilton or Starwood Properties in bigger and more touristy cities like Bangkok, KL and Bali.


For lunch we decided to go light and ordered from their ala Carte menu instead of their buffet.


Sam ordered the Club Sandwich and me the Soto Daging Soup (Beef Soup) and Grilled Chicken Salad.

Club Sandwich

To my surprise the soup was actually meant to be a meal by itself as it came with a plate of rice and some fried crackers. Despite looking like a simple broth the soup was very aromatic and flavorful from the spices used. I also quite liked the crunchy little beans that were inside the soup.

Soto Daging Soup (Beef Soup)
Rice to accompany the Beef Soup

There’s not much to say about my Grilled Chicken Salad except for the fact that it was beautifully plated. The salad was crisp and chicken breast was not too dry.

Chicken Salad

Overall the food at Purnawarman Restaurant was pretty good. The prices are also very reasonable especially for a five star Hotel.

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Price: $$ (Breakfast was included in our room. Lunch was under USD $20 per person)

Contact Information
Address: HOS Tjokroaminoto No. 41-43, Bandung, Indonesia 40171
Tel: 62-22-8606-6888
Fax: 62-22-8606-6999


Princess Mouseau said...

Hey Kwong,
I've only been to Bandung a couple times in my life,
but it's safe to say that it's famous for its Siomay Bandung & Batagor (deep fried siomay),both using peanut sauce.
The bakeries,such as Prima Rasa & Kartika Sari are also famous & must-visit!
They're known for their steamed brownies & pisang molen. Their place is always crowded!
Next time you're in Bandung, you should definitely drop by some local warungs & restos to get the real taste of Bandung (with very reasonable price too) instead of just eating at the Hotel.

Kwong said...

Hi Princess Mouseau!

Haha you're right. Due to our time constraints we only had our meal at the Hotel and attended our friend's beautiful wedding,

I tried Kartika Sari's steamed Chocolate Brownies and Pisan Molen! Their baked version was also really good!

I'll definitely hit the Warungs when I'm there again hopefully at the end of the year =)

Princess Mouseau said...

Wow I'm glad you tried Kartika Sari, they have other good bakeries as well like Prima Rasa and Bawean, but you hit the jackpot at Kartika Sari!
This is Cindy (your classmate from way back when at UTSC) btw, and I'm staying in Indo for good now ^^