Friday, April 9, 2010

Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge @ HKIA, Hong Kong

During my 23 hour flight back to KL I ended up watching "Up in The Air" a story about a single middle aged male (played by George Clooney) whose goal is to achieve 10,000,000 frequent flyer miles!

"Customer Loyalty" were two words that related his character to me. In the movie Clooney flew a total of 250,000 miles a year using the same airlines. This mind you is not the actual miles flown since he flew in First class which usually means an extra 50% on top of the actual miles flown.

Curious at how long I would need to achieve 10,000,000 miles I checked my Marco Polo Club Statement (Cathay Pacific's FF Program) and found that I have only racked up a total of 707,267 miles since joining the club in Dec 2001 and have flown 170,234 miles in 2009. It would take at least 59 years and at 26 I would be 88 years old if I were to achieve 10,000,000 miles at my current pace!

Flying on economy class didn't help as I could have counted on the extra 50% bonus miles if my company allowed me to fly on First which is impossible given the amount of times trans-pacific flights I fly a year.

The thought of achieving 10 million miles was definitely thrown out of the sky. But achieving 1 million miles is still doable and this is what I hope to achieve before I hit 30. I wonder if Cathay would give me some sort of prize for achieving it or if I might end up being the youngest frequent flyer to achieve 1 million miles. Lifetime complimentary upgrades would be nice!

In the meantime I would settle for some of the benefits that Cathay provides its Diamond Members such as the use of the First Class Lounge which offers a simple buffet spread that beats any of the economy meals served in the air.

Grilled Beef Rolls

Potatoes and Pasta

Smoked Salmon

Cold Seafood

Salad Bar

Stir-Fry Celery with Prawns

Salmon on Cucumber

Coconut Cake

Cheese Cake

Assorted Truffles

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Address: HKIA

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