Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dim Sum Marathon @ Shang Palace

I’ve dined at Shang Palace quite a number of times but it has always been for dinner and not lunch. Having not tried their Dim Sum we had our lunch there during the Labor Day Weekend.

Like other Hotel Chinese Restaurants Shang Palace offers an ala carte and an all-you-can-eat menu. We were really hungry and opted for their all-you-can-eat menu, which features an extensive selection of steam, fried, baked, cold and special Dim Sum and Chinese Dishes.

We tried nearly everything on the menu and found the food to be quite good. Favorite dishes of mine included the Braised Pork Trotter with Vinegar, Prawn Dumplings (Har Kow), Roast Duck, Yam Croquette (Wu Kok) and Deep Fried Tofu. Desserts although a little limited and did not include their signature Lemongrass Jelly was also good especially the Tofu Fa and Honey Dew with Sago.

Braised Pork Trotter with Vinegar
Braised Vinegar Pork Trotter

Har Kow (Prawn Dumplings)
Shrimp Dumpling (Har Kow)

Roast Duck with Marinated Clam Shell
Roast Duck and Chuka Hotate (Marinated Clam Shell)

Wu Kok (Yam Croquette)
Fried Yam Croquette (Wu Kok)

Deep-Fried Tofu
Deep-Fried Tofu

However if one were to ask me if Dim Sum in a non-halal restaurant is better than a halal restaurant I would have to say no. Malaysian Dim Sum chefs have mastered the art of making Dim Sum dishes that usually includes pork with chicken so well that it tastes the same as the original if not better. This is true at Shang Palace where I preferred Chynna’s (KL Hilton) Chicken Siew Mai and BBQ Chicken Bun (Char Siew Pau) to Shang Palace’s pork version.

Siew Mai
Siew Mai (Pork Dumplings)

Char Siew Pau (BBQ Pork Bun)
BBQ Pork Bun

Price wise, Shang Palace is quite a good deal especially if you’re a Prestige Card Member since it offers a 15% discount of the RM58 per pax ++ price tag for their all-you-can-eat menu.

We ordered a lot more Dim Sum than what I've posted here which can be viewed at my Flickr Set.

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: $$ (Under USD $20 per person after 15% discount)

Contact Information
Address: 11 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (60 3) 2032 2388
Fax: (60 3) 2070 1514

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