Saturday, October 16, 2010

32 Hours in Frankfurt!

My eating trip ended for three weeks as I had to detox from all the food that I had with Zhao Kun during August. The detox ended when Kim and I headed to Frankfurt for a Motor Convention spending only 36 hours in the city but managing to visit the entire exhibition and eat three complete meals.

Lunch @ Swiss Restaurant at Messe Frankfurt
Arriving at 6am, we checked in our Hotel took our shower and headed to Messe Frankfurt for the exhibition at 9am. The show wasn't as busy as it used to be indicating the Aftermarket Auto Industry is probably still recovering very slowly. Anyhow we got hungry around 1pm and had a quick bite at one of the Convention's many similar Restaurant.

Ham Salad
Ham Salad
Wanting to go healthy I chose the Salad. The salad contained slices of ham,tomatoes, croutons, cucumbers and butter leaf cabbage. Nothing spectacular

Goulash Soup
Goulash Soup
The Soup packed quite a strong Smoky and Spicy Paprika Flavor and contained a lot of beef chunks. It was however a little watery in consistency

Jaeger (Hunter's) Schnitzel
Jaeger Schnitzel
Kim's order that I tried. The Hunter's Sauce was really good. It was a brown gravy that is braised with chunks of Pork Shoulder Meat. The Schnitzel however wasn't made fresh so it was soggy and the super yellow mash potatoes was pretty creamy and good.

Contact Information
Messe Frankfurt GmbH Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 60327 Frankfurt a. M.
Telephone +49 69 75 75-0

Dessert @ La Perla
After our 30 minute lunch we continued touring the exhibition till closing at 5pm. From there we headed to Romer Platz where I showed Kim around the surrounding area since it was his first time.

Since we were in Germany Kim wanted to try a Black Forest Cake and we had one at La Perla.

La Perla

The Black Forest Cake was mediocre. It did not contain as many Cherries as I'd hoped for and neither was the Kirsch Flavor very strong in the cream. I've had a really good one a couple of years back at Cafe Konig in Baden-Baden which was supposedly the place that invented the Black Forest Cake and it was way better than this.

Black Forest Cake

Contact Information
Address: Neue Kräme 10, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany
Tel: +49 69287580

Dinner @ Cafe Hauptewache
From Romer Platz we headed to the Shopping Area known as Zeil and had dinner at Cafe Hauptwache. The Cafe is situated along Hauptwache Platz along the Zeil Strip and has a Bistro Style Menu that includes Salads, Soups and some Frankfurt Classics.

Bread with Assorted Dips
Bread Basket
Herb Sauce Dip, Yogurt Dip and Anchovy Dip
You really can't go wrong with German Bread. Although it was served cold the Rye Bread was fluffy and had a nutty flavor from the seeds on the crust. The Dips came in three flavors; Herbs, Yoghurt and Anchovies. My favorite was the Anchovy Dip which tasted more like Tuna.

Roast Beef Salad
Roast Beef Salad
The Beef was cooked Medium as ordered but was a little chewy and over salted. The Greens were not as fresh. There were rust on some of them.

Frankfurter Sausage Plate
Frankfurter Sausage Plate
This was Kim's order. The platter came with an assorted Sausages with Bratwurst, Boiled Frankfurt Sausage and a Grilled Meat Sausage. The sausages were really good especially the Frankfurt Sausage which wasn't oily and went well with the Mustard and Potatoes

Overall the food at Cafe Hauptwache was not very good. Maybe it's because of the number of tourists eating there hence they were serving a watered down version of German Food.

Contact Information
Address: An der Hauptwache 060313 Frankfurt, Deutschland
Tel: +49 69 2199-8627

Breakfast Buffet @ Le Meridien Park Hotel
The next day we had breakfast at our Hotel and headed back to the exhibition for a couple of hours before flying off at 2pm.

Le Meridien Park Hotel

The breakfast spread was simple offering your usual Bacon, Sausages, Cold Cuts, Pate, Breads, Cereal and an Egg Station.

Some Greens with Cold Cuts
Scrambled Egg Whites
Scrambled Eggs and Croissant
Bread with Pate

The only thing I really enjoyed was the Cereal with Milk. The Breakfast Buffet was also quite expensive costing 20 Euros which maybe cheap in European Terms but expensive in Asia.

Contact Information
Address: Wiesenhuettenplatz 28-38 60329 Frankfurt, Deutschland
Tel: +49-6926970
Web: Le Meridien Parkhotel


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