Monday, October 18, 2010

Famous Pork Trotter Rice in Bangna, Bangkok

Arriving in Bangkok at 10am, Ken and I went for a quick meal before we headed to work. This open-air restaurant is located in an industrial area but it has received a lot of media coverage in the past for its famous Pork Trotter Rice that can be seen through the newspaper clippings that are hung on the cashier's desk.

Till today we still refer to this place as the "Pork Trotter Shop" because we can't read the Thai Signboard. It not only offers Pork Trotter Rice but also other Thai Chinese Food which we ordered.

Iced Coffee

Pig Trotter Rice
Pig Trotter Rice
Pig Trotter Rice
This is by far the best Pig Trotter Rice I've had in Bangkok. The meat is very tender and the gravy is not too sweet like in many other places. The Pork also had the right amount of fat which was great when eaten with the rice, meat and gravy.

Yong Tau Foo
Thai Style Yong Tau Foo
Honestly, after so many years in Bangkok this is the first time I've had Thai Style Yong Tow Foo. It's very different from the Malaysian version. First, the soup is Pink and not clear. Second, it is sweet, sour and spicy. Third, there's no stuffed Tofu, Lady's Fingers and Chili. Here they only serve it with Fish Balls. I thought it was not bad but I think most Malaysians will find this version a little weird.

Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice
Ken was super hungry and ordered a plate of Chicken Rice. The Rice was fragrant and not very oily and did not clump together. The Chicken Breast was quite tender but was a little bland in flavor since it was not dressed in any soy sauce.

Anyone that loves Pork Trotter Rice and do not mind the drive from Bangkok City to come here should try this place out. There is a website that is seen on the signboard and it reads, which I think is the Restaurant's website. It is in Thai though.

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 2/5
Price: $ (Under USD $5 per person)

Contact Information
Address: Near Luang Phor Tor Temple, Bangplee
Tel: N/A
Web: (This was on their signboard but it's in Thai)


Anonymous said...

how long u in bangkok for mate?
looking forward to more posts!

Melissa said...

Kwong, do you eat durian? I'd love to see some posts about all things durian related, haha! =)

Kwong said...

I'm in Toronto at the moment and won't be back in Bangkok till November. I'll be adding more reviews as I visit more restaurants in BKK =)

@Melissa: Ya I do eat Durians and I love them! HAha definitely when I'm back in KL I will keep that in mind and do a post about Durians =)))