Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Favorite Japanese Buffet in KL @ Sen Tsuru, Kota Damansara

I stumbled upon Sen Tsuru earlier this year when we were trying to find a Japanese Restaurant besides Okuchi around Kota Damansara. Located at Palm Spring, Kota Damansara, Sen Tsuru became one of our favorite Japanese Restaurants because of its Hand Rolls and Maki.

Sen Tsuru

On our recent visit we were pleasantly surprised that the restaurant was offering an All-You-Can-Eat menu with over 80 items for just RM 36.90!

Due to the limited space the food was made to order, which ensured the quality of the food was consistent with the ala Carte Menu, something that is rarely seen in any Japanese Buffets in Malaysia even in places like Zippangu, Iketeru and others.

Beef Teriyaki
Beef Teriyaki
The Beef Teriyaki came in a small portion but was cooked medium. It wasn’t as tender as many top end restaurants but had a good flavor.

Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki
My favorite. The Chicken Teriyaki was grilled just right with the skin lightly crispy and the meat not overcooked. The Teriyaki Glaze was not too sweet either

Funky Tempura
Funky Tempura
I honestly have no idea what this was. It tasted like a flour batter of vegetables that are deep-fried. I don’t think this was Japanese but it tasted pretty good.

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi
Tuna and Salmon Sashimi
I’ve been here quite a number of times and so far the Sashimi has always been fresh and thickly sliced.

Chawan Mushi
Chawan Mushi
Their Chawan Mushi is super smooth and soft. This is one of the best places I’ve had Chawan Mushi.

Salmon Salad
Salmon Skin Salad
The Salmon pieces were deep fried which tasted a little dry and went with shredded cabbage. It had a really good dressing that tasted like Honey Mustard.

Assorted Handrolls
Assorted Hand Rolls
This is what we came to Sentsuru for. All their Handrolls are superb. The combination of Crispy Seaweed Wrap, Tempura Bits, Japanese Mayo and a good balance between rice and the filling of choice makes this the best Hand Rolls I’ve had.

California and Soft Shell Crab Maki
California Maki
Spider Maki
The Maki’s are also superb in Sentsuru. The California Maki was filled with Tempura Bits giving it a crispy texture and the Soft Shell Crab was just deep-fried before being rolled make it crispy. A key ingredient I feel was their Mayo which they just put the right amount of.

Ebi and Fish Fry
Ebi and Fish Fry
Although the prawns were not as fresh as GUU in Vancouver, the Ebi and Fish Fry here was still good. It was very crispy and went well with the Mayo and Tonkatsu sauce.

Unagi Sushi
Unagi Sushi
This is the best Unagi Sushi I've had since Hama in Toronto simply because the Unagi is actually grilled before being wrapped on rice.

Salmon Tataki
Salmon Tataki
The Salmon Tataki was lightly seared on the outside and had a nice smoky flavor most likely from the Salt. It was really good!

Salmon Rose
Salmon Rose
I forgot the name of this Sushi but it resembled and tasted exactly like Salmon Rose.

Sen Tsuru in my opinion offers the best Japanese Buffet in KL. Everything is cooked to order and most of the dishes are really good especially their Sushi, Sashimi and Hand Rolls. To top it off, at a price of RM 36.90 there is no place I've been to that can match Sen Tsuru for it's value!

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Price: $ (Under USD $15 per person)

Contact Information
Address: B-G 01, Block B, Jalan Persiaran Surian Palm Spring Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia
Tel: +(6)03-7801 8897

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Franky said...

I am liking this blog...a blog about your meals!! will come back soon

Kwong said...

Thanks so much Franky!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kwong..Have you tried Mizu in TTDI buffet? If you have, how does this compare in your opinion?

Joey said...

i have 3 buffet vouchers for sale.
Selling at RM30 each (RM90 for 3)
If anyone interested pls email me at

Joey said...
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Anonymous said...

My own experience.
I got to know this place via n since i love jap food coz i eat it nearly everyday. i bought a lot vouchers to go to this place. i bring my family n frens here. But overall their food is ok but nth great.Whats bad bout this place is how rude their staff is.

Ive bought quite a number of vouchers since i eat jap nearly everyday.

I am not sure if thats how they treat all customers but the first time we add on Salmon Belly (only RM3) to our buffet and they told us this one have to pay n dint even put in our order. so fine we just ignore it as we were full with other food.

Second time i was there i ordered salmon belly n i was topeatedly i have to pay for that as its not included in their buffet menu.Its like we cant afford to pay RM3? Then the staff even said Jap food is suppose to be expensive food so the buffet is very cheap . Look at our ala carte menu our price aint cheap!

The third time i was there i wanted to order salmon sashimi n knowingly one portion is just 3 slice i ticked 5 units BUT it was my mistake that i ticked salmon sushi so it came n i was shocked n when check back my order form it was my fault so i just accept it .but the staff was very rude. He said i was here a few times n i can make such a mistake. Come on ! its not like i am not accepting the sushi. It was just me n my fren . 2 gals cant finish so much rice so we just ate the salmon n not the rice coz there is 10 of it n we manage to eat 4 of it n left 6 of it on t he table. 3 staff came n told us repeatedly wastage have to pay. Yes we understand.We've eaten buffets before n we understand any wastage of food we have to pay. My fren was kinda pissed off the third time when they reminded us have to pay for wastege so she just rambled n say yes yes, we will stuffed it up our mouth !! n guess wat the staff said , you gals using voucher oredi very cheap still talk in such a frustrated manner. Come here few times also tick wrong column n make a order mistake. What kinda customer service is that?!?!

From that moment i said i am never gonna step into that place ever again even if they say its free. Their staff is so rude and frustrating. I love jap food n i once thought after finish utilizing the vouchers i would go there to order ala carte as i love toro n uni but now i rather go fukuharu, senjyu or hajime than this place.

Avoid this place if u want to eat peacefully.

Anonymous said...

Seriously i was so pissed off the last time we were there.. We just paid for the wastage for the rice as its only a few ringgit but they make such a big fuss on it. Only a few pieces of the rice sushi. how much can it be ? Its not like gold n we have to pay RM1000+ We are so not gonna stuffed ourselves for those unwanted calories for a mere few ringgit.

Anonymous said...

hi kwong .. did u pay the buffet via that voucher? Did u get a bad service when dining over there? How is the quality of the food?

Quách Đại ka said...

Hi Kwong..Have you tried Mizu in TTDI buffet? If you have, how does this compare in your opinion?poker
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Kwong said...

Wow I'm shocked to hear about the poor service there. I did not eat using the voucher.

I'll definitely give Mizu a try in TTDI. I've been there once but the prices were even higher than Rakuzen.

Anonymous said...

aih..... yesterday went there, the parking ticket cashier said the shop was shut down already. so sad........

Anonymous said...

Can someone please give me their contact number.Have been calling this 2 numbers but nobody pick up. 03-78015562 & 78018897. Any Hphone number.