Thursday, March 24, 2011

Japanese Food @ Sushi Tei

There are quite a number of Japanese Restaurants along the Highway 7 stretch between Bayview Avenue and Kennedy Avenue most of which are either operated by Koreans or Chinese with the exception of Miyabi.

I've tried all of them except for Sushi Tei which recently opened a few months back on Times Avenue which was where I had dinner tonight. The menu was similar to other Korean Japanese Restaurants with your typical Sashimi, Sushi and Korean Dishes such as Bulgolgi and Kalbi.

Spicy Salmon Maki and Salmon Maki
Spicy Salmon
The Spicy Salmon Maki was actually quite spicy and was filled with some Tempura Crumbs which gave it a crispy texture.

Small Sashimi Boat
Sashimi Boat
The Sashimi was not quite fresh but not as good as Gal Sushi or Inatei.

Hamachi Kama
Hamachi Kama
Like Gal Sushi the Hamachi Kama they serve is not really Hamachi Kama. The price was under CAD $10 per portion and the cut looked more like Halibut Kama.

Agedeshi Tofu
Agedeshi Tofu
The Tofu had a light crisp and was very soft.

Overall the food at Sushi Tei is similar to many Korean-Japanese Restaurants. The price was a little cheaper than rival Gal Sushi but that also meant their Sashimi wasn't as good.

Food: 3/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Price: $$ (Under USD $20 per person)

Contact Information
Address: 115 Times, ON L3T 0A2
Tel: (905) 882-1110

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