Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fish Innards Nabe @ Ohya-Souhonten, Tokyo

Initially we were planning on visting Tori-tama a small but good Yakitori joint that was recommended by We were however politely turned away by the chef despite the restaurant having seats. We weren't sure what the chef said but it's most likely due to Kim and I not being able to converse in Japanese making his life difficult to cook and serve us.

We headed back to Meguro Station and randomly picked an Izakaya called Ohya-Souhonten after seeing a number of people come out of the restaurant. Communication was difficult inside Ohya but thankfully the menu had some pictures.

Fish Stomach Miso Nabe
Fish Stomach Nabe
This was recommended by our waiter when we asked which Nabe was the best. This was my first time having Fish Innards. Some of the Innards had a very high fat contect that was chewy in texture almost like eating Beef Fat. It was good with the sweet Miso Nabe but after a while the high fat content made us nauseate.

Grilled Chicken Softbone
Grilled Chicken Softbone
We wanted the Knee Bone but they only had the Breast Bone. It was a little dry but was seasoned just right.

Grilled Chicken Skin
We thought this was Yaki-Tori on the picture but it was actually Grilled Chicken Skin. The fats were rendered off from the grilling and was quite crispy. It was good with the sweet Teriyaki Sauce.

Mentaiko Salad
Mentaiko Salad
The salad was really good. It contained Ice Berg Lettuce, Mini Anchovies, Tomatoes and Tofu. The Mentaiko Dressing was also really good.

Mixed Meat Teppan
Mixed Meat Teppan
The Mixed Meat Teppan consisted of Chicken Thigh, Beef and Chicken Liver. Flavor-wise they were a little bland and was overcooked.

Overall the food was decent but I've definitely had better Izakayas especially in Vancouver.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Price: $$$ (Approximately USD $30 per person)

Contact Information
Address: Near Meguro Station
Tel: N/A
Web: N/A
Map: N/A


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Wow the food at Raku looks really good! I'll give it a try one day! :)