Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cantonese Restaurant in Suzhou, China

A month ago I was in Suzhou, China for a business trip. Rather than eat their local cuisine, my supplier took me to a Cantonese restaurant that was located next to a shopping complex.

I don’t read Chinese so I don’t know the name of this restaurant, but what I do know is this restaurant is pretty damn famous. The restaurant’s entire front wall is filled with photos of Asian celebrities and the owner.

The menu was huge and it not only contains Cantonese Food but also a host of other cuisines. It also contained pictures of different celebrities who has eaten and liked some of the dishes.

I was asked to order what I liked and I did so by basing it on how appetizing the food looked. The first dish that came was a goat milk, pumpkin and date pudding. The pudding tasted sour from the goat milk and sweet from the pumpkin and dates. I didn’t quite enjoy the goat milk and only ate the lower half of the pudding.

Next came our chilled pig’s feet. I’ve never had a dish like this before. The pork’s foot was obviously fat but by serving it cold the fat has hardened and had a jelly-like texture which I quite enjoyed. There’s not much flavor to it and we were asked to dip it in soy sauce mixed with wasabi.

My colleague ordered two vegetable dishes which we’re both cooked really well. The roast pork (siu yoke) went well with the stir-fried mixed vegetables and the Hong Kong Greens were crisp.

Steam local river fish was also very good. The fish was fresh and the meat was moist and flaky.

My two favorite dishes were the clay pot tofu and grilled pork neck. The tofu was soft and silky smooth and the oyster based sauce was thick and rich.

The grilled pork neck had a nice bite to the meat and the dipping sauce went well with it.

We also had Har Gow and I must admit this is probably one of the best Har Gow I’ve had. The prawns were plump, fresh and seasoned just right and the skin was thin and soft.

Last but not least was the winter melon and pork bone soup. The flavor of the soup was very prominent indicating that it was boiled for many many hours.

Overall the food in this restaurant is very good. My initial disappointment of not being able to try Suzhou Food was offset by the good food I had in this place. I just wished I could read mandarin so I would know what the address and name of the restaurant was.

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