Friday, May 8, 2009

Dim Sum @ Chynna, Hilton KL

We were craving for more dim sum this week and decided to try Chynna in Hilton KL. The restaurant was full the day we went and the only choice we had for a non-smoking table was right outside the entrance which we took. The 4 of us were really hungry that day and we ordered quite a few dim sum dishes.

The Har Gow with water chestnut is one of their signature items here and I can see why. The prawns had a nice bite to it and the skin was very thin. The only thing my Canadian friend wished for was to have even more prawns like those served in Toronto.

Chicken Siu Mai was probably the best non-pork version we had.

A restaurant created dish we had was Prawn and Chicken Dumpling with Cream Sauce. My brother preferred the dumpling on its own and felt that the cream sauce was too rich for the dish.

Another restaurant created dish was the scallop and chicken dumpling with squid ink. To me it just tasted like a good traditional scallop dumpling. The squid ink wrap did not add any flavour to the dish.

The Wu Kok (Yam Croquette) was well fried. It was crispy on the outside and does not taste oily. However we did not really like the egg tart. The filling was a little too rich and creamy and we prefer the flaky crust compared with the cookie version that they used.

Steam Cod Fish with Ginger was our favourite dish. The ginger went well with the cod. We liked it so much we ordered it twice.

Steam Cheong Fan with Prawns came next. We liked the Cheong Fan which was very soft and smooth, but again wished they had more prawns inside.

For our Lo Mai Kai the chef also added dried chicken floss. This wasn’t a bad dish either. The chicken floss added some sweetness to the dish and the glutinous rice wasn't too oily.

Our last savoury dish was the stir-fried Turnip Cake. The turnip cake was very well seasoned and was lightly crisp on the outside. Most important of all it did not taste very oily compared to most places we tried.

For desserts we had Honeydew Sago and Vanilla Mango. The Honeydew Sago was pretty much tasteless and the Vanilla Mango was just way too sweet.

Overall, we felt that there were some dishes that were very good and some could be improved by just adding a little more filling, such as more prawns in the Cheong Fan and Har Gow. For all the food we had the price was RM 215.65 (with 25% discount as a Hilton Premium Club member).

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