Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dim Sum at Empire Court

Blessed with some of the best Hong Kong chefs to serve a population of over one million Chinese and an abundance of fresh seafood from both the Atlantic and Pacific Canada is probably one the best places to eat Dim Sum!

On the weekend we decided to try the Empire Court Restaurant inside Hilton Suites at HWY7 and Warden. Small but cozy the restaurant just went through a change in management and menu.

Recommended by the Captain we ordered the Sliced Abalone that is chilled and served with Jelly Fish. I did not really enjoy the Abalone because it was a little tough. The Jelly Fish had a good texture and wasn't oily.

Another recommended dish was the Fried Bitter Melon with Salted Egg Yolk. I couldn't stop eating this. The Bitter Melon had a very light and crispy batter and the hint of butter with
Salted Egg Yolk was just incredible.

Their dumplings were also excellent. The "Supreme Har Gow" was really what they claim it to be. It was topped with gold flakes and the prawns used was huge and fresh.

Next came the Scallop Dumpling. Each dumpling was topped with an entire piece of scallop!

Their Mushroom Dumpling was also good. The skin was thicker than the last two dumplings and it contained a lot of different mushrooms inside.

Braised Fried Bean Curd with their House Sauce was another favorite of ours as well. The sauce was not salty and coated the silky smooth Bean Curd Sheets.

For greens we had their Braised Dao Miu with Superior Stock. Unlike other restaurants their Superior Stock is thick and had a hint of Shaoxing Wine.

Dishes we had that didn't fare too well was the Char Siew Bun and Fish with Preserved Egg Porridge. The Bun was quite hard and the Char Siew filling was pretty much tasteless and dry. The porridge is a little too watery for my liking and was pretty bland.

Overall the restaurant has quite a few good dishes. Like many good Dim Sum restaurants in Toronto they made good dumplings by using the freshest ingredients they could find to make the filling and making it big. It is not a place that you'd dine in every week because it is
quite costly. Lunch for four of us cost CAD $100.

Contact Information:
Address: 8500 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario L6G 1A5, Canada
Tel: (905) 415-7638 Ext: 2088

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