Friday, May 29, 2009

Restaurant Prague

We've been back in Toronto for about 2 weeks now and realized that all we've been eating was just Asian food. We called up our Polish friend Mike who took us to a restaurant called Prague. As the name implies this restaurant serves up food from Czechoslovakia and it's neighboring countries.

We arrived a little after 8 in the evening and found that the restaurant was empty except for three men sitting at the bar counter. Situated next to Scarborough Golf Club the restaurant's decor really made us feel as if we're inside a European Cottage.

There were 6 of us and we ordered a variety of dishes that was recommended by the waitress. The Beef Goulash was the first to arrive. Unlike most goulashes that I've had whose consistency is that of a cream soup, this one was like gravy. It was definitely made to be dipped with the Czech Dumplings which in our view looked more like bread. The dumplings were really soft and was excellent with the goulash.

Next came the Pork Schnitzel. Despite being such a simple dish , the Schnitzel was not overcooked and was very crispy. After a squeeze of lemon this was a dish that everyone was fighting over for.

We also ordered their Pork Roast. I wished they would have used a fattier cut such as the belly or the shoulder. The loin was a little dry but soaked in gravy it was good. The Sauerkraut that accompanied the dish tasted like what I had in Germany.

The mother of all Pork Dishes came next. The Bohemian Meat Platter for two consisted of all things Pork; Pork Roast, Roast Ham, Pork Schnitzel and of course Pork Sausage. It was also accompanied with Dumplings, Sauerkraut and Braised Red Cabbage. I wasn't very big on the Ham nor the Sausage but loved Braised Red Cabbage.

To avoid any constipation we ordered a "Dinner Size" House Salad. This is by no means Czech but nevertheless it was satisfying. The greens were crisp and the vinaigrette light.

For dessert we had the Home-made Apple Strudel. It wasn't very sweet which I liked and went well with the whip cream.

Overall, the dishes we all had were delicious and in my opinion most they were similar to German Food which is not surprising since they are neighboring countries. I would definitely come back to this place again if I were craving for pork or some authentic East European Food.

Contact Information:

Prague Restaurant
450 Scarborough Golf Club Road
Scarborough, Ontario M1G 1H1

Tel:(416) 289-0283



My Taste Heaven said...

Hmm,when I was in Canada we took all chinese food. Really don't understand why my friend brought me there. Maybe she missed asian food so much after living there for so long.

Kwong said...

I think that's because there's so many Chinese there that she never really tried any other cuisine since the Chinese food is on par with those in HK. My parents are the same thing too. Whenever they come to Toronto they only eat Chinese Food.