Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Dim Sum Buffet at Tai Zi Heen

Having heard many positive reviews about Tai Zi Heen's all you can eat Dim Sum, I decided to take my family there for Mother's Day before I flew back to Toronto in the evening.

There were eight of us that day and we ordered most of the dishes on the menu. Because of the variety of dishes I will go through those that were good and bad.

Most of the Fried Dim Sum is pretty good. Worth noting were the Onion Pancake, Crispy Seafood Pancake (I had two servings), Fried Wonton, Fried Sesame Balls and Wu Kok. All of them were not very oily and delicious.

The two baked items I liked was the Char Siew So and a lotus paste pastry which I forgot the name. The Char Siew So melts in your mouth and the bbq pork filling packs alot of flavor.

The Lotus Pastry was also the same. The filling was not too sweet and the skin was very flaky and had a nice buttery flavour to it.
Steamed Dim Sum we enjoyed was the Har Gow, Char Siew Cheong Fan, Ma Lai Ko and Lo Mai Kai.

For stir-fry dishes the Turnip Cake and Yeong Chow Fried Rice is not bad as well. Although not as good as Chynna the Turnip Cake had a nice flavour but the cakes were a little too soggy.
Overall, I felt it was worth the money. Obviously not all the dishes were good but for RM45 per person it is definitely worth the money. Do note that the quality of the food started deteriorating as the restaurant became packed later in the afternoon.
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