Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oktoberfest @ Kafer Weis'n Schanke (Munich Day 3)

Highly recommended by Zhao Phin’s brother-in-law Rudi who is German, we went to Kafer. According to Rudi this place serves up really good food but it’s quite expensive.


Restaurant fully packed

We actually wanted to try the Schweinehaxe (Pork Knuckle) but they ran out of it and so we settled for the Veal Knuckle. Thinking it was a knuckle we were expecting a mammoth dish with the bone in. But no… All we had were three slices of veal on top of a bed of mixed-greens that looked like a Chinese vegetable stir-fry with two pieces of Knoedel. However, our disappointment was put aside once we tried the dish. The veal was really tender and went well with the earthy brown sauce. The greens although looking like a stir-fry combination were not overcooked and had a nice crunch. The knoedel was also really good. The texture resembled that of bread and packed a nice herby flavor.

Veal Knuckle roast

We also ordered one of their most popular desserts the Kaiserschmarn. Served on a hot plate Kaiserschmarn consist of pieces of fried dough that is similar to donuts that is served with a variety of fruit jams. In our case it was strawberry and plum jam and applesauce. I really liked this dessert. The sweet dough was like sponge and soaked up the different jams. I really liked the combination of flavors. Think of it as a deconstructed donut.


To sum it up the food is indeed very good but the price was hefty. Our two dishes together with one beer and mineral water came up to 47 Euros.

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