Thursday, September 24, 2009

Snacking @ Oktoberfest (Munich Days 1-3)

Besides eating in the festival tents of Paulaner and Kafer we also sampled a variety of food from the different non sit-in stalls that were all over Oktoberfest.

Fresh Baked Extra Large Pretzel
Giant Pretzel
There were many Pretzel stores around and all were selling Pretzels that were so huge they covered your face. We got one that was just freshly baked and it tasted so much better than the usual cold ones we were served in many restaurants. The outside was hard but the inside was warm and fluffy

Spinach Spinach Semmelknödel
Spinach Knodel Store
Spinach Knodel
This store caught our eye as it was the only one in the entire Oktoberfest that specializes in Knödel. Knödel are German Dumplings that are made from white bread or potato and served in a wide variety of sauces. We had a Spinach Semmelknödel which is a dumpling made from a mixture of spinach and white bread that is served with marinara sauce

Dampfnudeln (German Yeast Dumplings)
Dampfnudeln (German Yeast Dumpling
I had quite a few of these last year in the Christmas Markets. But none comes close to the ones served at Kafer's take-out counter. The dumpling was super soft almost like "Chinese Pau" texture and the vanilla sauce wasn't too sweet

German Donut
This was recommended by a bystander who said it was very good. It is basically a fried dough with sugar. It taste similar to a regular doughnut but less fluffy in texture

Grilled Mackerel
Grilled Fish on a pit
Grilled Mackeral
The Mackerel was simply salted and grilled over an open flame. The flaky meat was very moist and salted just right. I really enjoyed it

Mandel: Mixed Flavored Coated Nuts
Nuts Maker
Like the Frankfurt Auto Show, Mandel stores were everywhere here. This store had a long line-up due to the number of creative flavors they had. Nuts were flavored with Tom Yam, Chilli, Spices, Chocolate, Fruit Flavors and many more

Well this sums up our entire Oktoberfest in Munich. This is by far the biggest public festival that I've been to and had the most fun in.

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