Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oktoberfest @ Paulaner Ambrustshutzenzelt (Munich Day 1)

There were quite a few famous German Brewery tents at Oktoberfest. We went through all of them and decided to have a meal at Paulaner for having the most festive tent!

The crowd here were mostly in their 20's and everyone were singing to the traditional folk songs that were being played.

Band Playing German Folk Music

The first thing we ordered was their special Oktoberfest Brew which was very smooth but contains 6% alcohol. The mug was gargantuan and I was amazed at how some people were able to chug a few of them.

Special Oktoberfest Brew

For our lunch I ordered the classic Schweinbraten (Roast Pork) which wasn't that great. The pork which I think is a shoulder cut was a little overcooked and tough. The gravy did not taste like anything and was salty.

Schweinebraten (Roast Pork)

Zhao Phin had the Roast Chicken which was much better than the pork. The skin was very crispy and the chicken was very tender. It was a very simple roast where the chicken was probably just rubbed with salt and some herbs. It would have been better if we had some gravy to go with it.

Roast Chicken

Overall the food was overpriced and not very good. But the main reason for coming into these tents is not for the food but rather the festive atmosphere which sees people from all over Europe and the world come together and party.


zeeps said...

the alcohol percentage in oktoberfest beer is 6%...slightly higher than normal beers

Kwong said...

Haha you were the one that told me it was 12%