Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hotpot @ Dow's Noodles and Hotpot Restaurant

I've always loved hotpot in Canada. Every time I am back I would usually get my weekly dose at Kamtoa which in my opinion is the best hotpot in Toronto. Tonight we decided to do a comparison and chose Dow's Noodles to try.

Restaurant Entrance

The food at Dow's Noodles doesn't compare both in terms of quality and variety to Kamtoa. The quality of the beef is inconsistent. We had some really well marbled beef and some really lean beef. Chicken is served in thick slices which I do not prefer. I like mine sliced thin just like the beef.

Hot Pot
Really fat beef slices =)
Lamb and Homemade Fish Noodles in the pipe

Dow also lacks of variety. Pork is not available and the number of vegetables and balls are much more limited than Kamtoa. Seafood is charged per order and includes oysters, mussels, prawns, enoki mushrooms and scallops.

Assorted Seafood
Fresh Oysters
Sausages and Fish Tofu

What Dow's Noodles do better are their dumplings which are actually homemade. My favorite was their prawn dumplings which are plump and very juicy. The skin was also very thin. We also had their pork ribs in claypot rice which took nearly 30 minutes to arrive.

Dumplings, Pork Balls, Squid Balls and Chicken
Claypot Rice with Pork Ribs

Overall I still prefer Kamtoa. Both places charges the same price but Kamtoa consistently serves up plate after plate of good beef and offers a wider choice of meats, balls and vegetables. Also they serve up a killer Satay Dipping Sauce.

Contact Information
Address: 550 Highway 7 E Richmond Hill ON, L4B 3Z4
Tel: 905-762-0111


5TYLISTA said...

hi, just wondering where kamtoa is located? thanks so much!

Boon Chuan said...

The food are impressive and fresh. Thanks for sharing.