Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick Lunch @ Kenny's Delight

Kenny's Delight is my third restaurant that I have eaten in First Markham Place over the past two and a half weeks. It serves up a variety of Cantonese dishes and also has a lunch special for people that are looking for a quick bite.

Restaurant Entrance

We were there for lunch and I ordered their Chicken in Rice Wine with Noodles. The noodles had a very soft texture but the soup was quite weak. It did not have the strong rice wine flavor that I was expecting and had very little chicken meat.

Chicken with Rice Wine Noodle
Chicken with Rice Wine Noodle

Sam ordered the Deep-Fried Chicken with Instant Noodles. I had a few pieces of the crispy chicken that was also well seasoned and tender.

Fried Chicken with Instant Noodles

Well that sums up our quick lunch. I would probably visit this place again to try out their other dishes such as Poon Choi (A huge rice dish that is topped with all sorts of seafood and meats). As for this meal our bill came up to CAD 13 including tips and taxes.

Contact Information
Address: 3235 Highway 7 Markham, ON, L3R3P3
Tel: (905) 948-9327

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