Monday, December 7, 2009

Delicious Khao Yam! (Trang Day 3)

Staying in Trang I wanted to try some of their local food that you could not find in other cities or regions of Thailand. Today May’s uncle heeded my request and took us to sample a rice dish known as Khao Yam at one of his favorite restaurants.


We arrived at the restaurant and was pleasantly surprised that it serves not only Khao Yam but also Khanom Jin (Thai Fermented Rice Noodles) with an assorted number of curries and fried- chicken.


We ordered a bowl of Khanom Jin with some fish curry which was served at an open counter. The noodles were very soft and smooth because of fermentation and the curry wasn’t very spicy and was quite mild in flavor.

Khanom Jin

My Khao Yam finally came and it looked really delicious! The rice was topped with shredded coconut meat, slivers of kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and a blend of brown sugar with mini shrimp. We had to mix all the ingredients together before eating. The aromatic scent from the lemongrass and lime leaves to the sweetness of the coconut and brown sugar mixture and the sourness of the squeezed lime all complemented each other to create a really tasty dish!

Khao Yam
Mixed Khao Yam

We also had the recommended fried chicken, which was also delicious. The chicken was very crispy, moist and juicy and was a very nice accompaniment to the Khao Yam.

Fried Chicken

This was definitely a very hearty breakfast. The food was dirt cheap at only THB 150 for 2 plates of Khao Yam, Fried Chicken and 2 bowls of Khanom Jin.

Contact Information
Address: Trang
Tel: N/A


May said...

umm.. hubby, I think, u forgot 4 more boxes of Khao Yam for Taking away for my parents, sister and aunt too. ^^ remember?

evEmadA said...

I think it's alot helpful if you can share the address or location of the restaurant