Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lunch at our favorite Duck Joint (Bangkok Day 1)

After visiting May’s family in Trang I headed to Bangkok where I met my cousin for work. During lunch we headed to our regular restaurant that was close to the factory for some duck.

The duck served at this restaurant was braised but I think what makes it so delicious is the sauce. A little sweet with a hint of hoisin sauce and probably duck fat the gravy went really well with the tender slices of boneless duck meat.

Braised Duck

For vegetables we had stir-fried assorted greens with roast pork. The greens were perfectly cooked and the roast pork gave it a nice salty flavor.

Stir-Fry Greens with Roast Pork

They also serve a good tofu soup which contained minced pork and seaweed.

Tofu Soup

Last but not least we ordered some Thai Spicy Minced Fish Cake (Haw Mok). A blend of minced fish, lemongrass, chili and other spices the cake was very good. It is very light in texture and was very aromatic with the coconut cream.

Minced Seafood Souffle (Haw Mok)

Contact Information:
Address: Thaeparak Rd. Bangplee District
Tel: N/A

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