Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lunch @ Pak Meng Beach (Trang Day 2)

It was the weekend and May’s Aunty and Uncle took me on a tour around Trang’s many beautiful caves and temples. Our tour stopped mid-way as we headed to Pak Meng Beach for lunch. Like many of Trang's beaches Pak Meng is only known to locals and the beach was filled with restaurants serving cheap seafood.

Pak Meng Beach

We ate at one of those restaurants where we were seated on the beach. I really liked the atmosphere. Unlike Bali where the restaurants are usually very noisy with tourists, here it is very quiet. Coupled with the gentle breeze it was definitely very relaxing.


May’s Aunt ordered a few light dishes because of our heavy dim sum meal but this all changed when we gave in to some fried seafood offered by several vendors.

Platter of Fried Items for purchase

We had Fish, Crabs and Calamari that was served with a sweet chili dipping sauce. They were seasoned with a curry powder and were very crispy despite being cold. My favorite was the crab, which was so crispy that you could even eat the shell.

Deep Fried Fish
Deep Fried Crabs
Deep Fried Calamari

Our restaurant dishes finally came after we mopped the fried seafood. For soup we had an assorted spicy seafood soup. It had a strong lemongrass flavor and was quite sour.

Seafood Soup

For seafood we had freshly boiled clams. These clams were chewy in texture and were very small. One had to use a toothpick to dig out the meat. Although it tasted bland on its own it was good with the spicy dipping sauce.

Some type of Clam

Fried Rice was our last dish. I was already stuffed but continued eating. The rice wasn’t oily or too wet. It had the right amount of saltiness and the prawns were plump and good. This was a very good fried rice.

Fried Rice

Was it a Light meal? I don’t think so. The five of us cleared up everything we ate including a platter of fresh pineapple and guava. Eating here definitely made me appreciate the beauty of Trang and its beaches. I hope it will not be developed like neighboring Krabi or Phuket. This to me is what a perfect beach meal is all about. Great food, beautiful view and most important of all peace and quiet to enjoy it.

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