Saturday, December 5, 2009

Seafood @ Trang, Thailand

I'll be based in Asia for the next 3 months and my first stop is in Trang where I am visiting May and her family. Despite being a small town next of 600,000 Trang is a culinary haven that serves up a myriad of local Thai and Chinese food that are mouth-watering.


Tonight we had a seafood dinner about 15km from the city in an area called Kantang. The restaurant was situated right next to a river and specializes in seafood.

Restaurant Ambiance

My camera died so I had to take shots using my Iphone which didn't do too well under dim conditions. This was what we had:

Prawn Crackers
Prawn Crackers

Seafood Salad
Seafood Salad
The salad consisted of Fried Fish, Prawns and Crabs that is tossed in a sweet and sour dressing with tomatoes, onions, parsley and cashew nuts.

Deep Fried Local River Fish with Mango Salad
Deep Fried Fish
Mango Salad
The fish was very well fried. The coating was really crisp, fish moist and wasn't oily at all. The sweet and sour mango salad went well with the fish.

Steam Garoupa
Steam Garoupa
The garoupa was nicely steamed. Unlike the Chinese style where hot oil is poured on the fish last, the oil was mixed with the soy sauce and steamed with the fish

Gaeng Som
Gaeng Som
May usually orders this curry which does not use any coconut. The head of the garoupa was used in this really spicy and sour curry

Stir-Fry Local Greens
Stir-Fry Local Greens with Eggs
This was my favorite. The eggs were stir-fried with the local greens which had a texture that is similar to that of seaweed but tasted like Kale.

BBQ Giant River Prawn
BBQ Black Tiger Prawn
This was supposedly a medium sized prawn but it was really big with the legs having some meat. The meat was very juicy, plump and sweet. I definitely enjoyed eating the head!

Contact Information:
Address: Somewhere in Kantang about 15km from Trang City-Center
Tel: N/A

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