Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday Brunch @ Windsor Arms, Toronto

Back in Toronto, I have failed to find a Sunday Brunch that comes close to the quality and variety that are offered in cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Maybe it’s because of the cost of operating a buffet that includes free flow Champagne, Caviar and Foie Gras or the culture of people preferring to have a good ala Carte brunch rather than stuffing themselves on an expensive buffet.

Whatever the reason maybe, I was still determined to find a decent Sunday Brunch Buffet in Toronto and after much discussion we headed to Windsor Arms Hotel in Yorkville.

The spread although much smaller than Asia, was the best brunch I've had so far in Toronto both in terms of quality and variety. The Cold Foods section included King Crab Legs, Poached Prawns and a number of Salads.

Crab Legs
Mozzarella on Tomatoes
Potato Salad

Baked goodies were also available with an assortment of Breads, Danishes and their legendary Scones. The Scones were very big and very good. It had a very light crisp texture and was moist and fluffy.

Assorted Breads and Danishes

The chef was very thoughtful with the selection in the Hot Foods Section by choosing dishes that held up well with the constant heat of the buffet tray such as Braised Beef with Red Wine, Shellfish Stew and Eggplant Tofu. There was also a carving station offering Roast Lamb Leg and Prime Rib.

Carving Station: Prime Rib and Leg of Lamb

The best part of the Buffet were the items that were made fresh to order such as Eggs in any style, French Toast, Pancakes and Waffles. My order of Eggs Benedict was excellent with the yolk runny upon piercing and the English muffin slightly crisp. Pancakes were another favorite of mine. It was very fluffy and moist!

Eggs Benedict

Desserts were also decent with a selection of Cakes that included Chocolate Fudge Cake, Cheese Cake, Coffee Cake and Raspberry Cake. There was also a tray of Muffins and a selection of daily fruits on order.

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Cheese Cake
Coffee Cake
Raspberry Cake
Cup Cakes
Assorted Fruits

Overall I was very satisfied with the Brunch at Windsor Arms. It may not compare with Asia but it's the best I've had so far in Toronto. The great company, ambiance and excellent service definitely made it a very satisfying way to celebrate a Summery Sunday.

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Price: $$$$$ (USD $40 per person excluding tips and taxes)

Contact Information
Address: 18 St. Thomas St. Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 3E7
Phone: 416-971-9666 Fax: 416-921-9121
Toll Free : 1-877-999-2767
Web: http://www.windsorarmshotel.com/companyinfo

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Christine Korda said...

Thank you for the great review of our Sunday Brunch - your pictures are amazing.

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Director of Communications & Special Events
Windsor Arms Hotel
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Anonymous said...

We have always been a fan of your Sunday brunch. I agree that the food choices and quality are top-drawer. Our recent visit Sept 5th was disappointing on the service side - the wine list was closed, only house selections, the waiters somewhat sparse and inexperienced, the selections limited - it seemed as if the place was preparing to close for the entire 2 hours we were there.

Anonymous said...

WOW, that looks great...back in 2010.

Believe me, it is June 2012 and the buffet is now $50 and looks nothing like that!! How sad.

I guess I missed out on the glory days of The Courtyard Cafe. It is now a much smaller selection without scones and waffles and pancakes and noodles and tofu. And certainly no King Crab to be found..that's almost a joke!

Very unfortunate...